Rachael Price Sings Ella Fitzgerald - "Cheek To Cheek" video free download

Duration: 05:36
Uploaded: 2010/10/25

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2 years ago

Snidely Whiplash

She's not doing an impression of Ella so much as *channelling* her.

3 years ago

Aaron Pangle

Who brings a tiny baby to a show like this? What an asshole! Other than that, this Rachel Price can f'n sing! Love her work. And the dude on guitar knows his stuff. Great vid other than the jerk that brought the baby.

3 years ago

Elaine Marie

she is so soooo good...scatting is NOT easy....love you Rachael...

3 years ago

Carl Malmquist

I didn't know Dick Cheney played guitar. :-) ( No offense to the awesome guitarist.)

3 years ago

Yorst Kiddeen

James is excellent as is Rachel. What a great performance by both! Thanks for sharing this.

3 years ago

Guy Slegers


3 years ago


Scat? Give me Louis and Ella's version any day. Love Rachael though.

3 years ago


Jamie Findlay is a beast! And Rachael Price makes me think of Anita OnDay. Very musical in her phrasing and scatting.

3 years ago

Adam Gussow

I saw Joe Pass live in '75 and James Findlay--whose name I'd never heard until five minutes ago--is right up there with the greatest. (Hint to uploader: please put his name in the video title, or description. Have mercy.) As for Rachael Price: a musician's musician. This is some hellaciously good music.

3 years ago

Hart Hill

Baby singing along!So cute!

4 years ago

Delon Lawrence

I hope to work With someone this talented one day.

4 years ago


Awesome guitar playing and Rachel is just plain hot!!! Both of them off the charts. Would love to hear more of them together.

4 years ago

Tony Samayoa

I know you guys can't hear it but trust me I'm clapping to these two musicians right now.

4 years ago

James Findlay

Playing with Rachel is a dreamy delight. So swinging, so musical, so inspired. There must be another 1000 or so songs we could do. Bet a bossa would be a gas. Thanks for the wonderful kudos everyone. :)So happy to know you, Rachel. Happy Áyyám-i-Ha

4 years ago

Matt in the Crown

Masterful guitar, masterful vocals. Simply superb.

4 years ago


That was outrageous!!YESSSSSSSSSSSS

4 years ago


I'm mentioning that devastating guitar player also!! . Jamie Findley . This is off the planet. 

4 years ago

Zizanie Thietz

Refreshing! Brilliant!

4 years ago

David N. A. Morris


4 years ago

Bruce Suttles

Lady you GOT IT!!!

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