Queen - I Want To Break Free (High Quality) video free download

Duration: 04:30
Uploaded: 2008/12/04

Queen - I Want To Break Free

Original Movie Soundtrack,Taken from Queen - 'Greatest Video Hits 2'



1 year ago

Emerson Pereira

Garanto que muita gente nesse grupo já dançou essa nos bailinhos.

1 year ago

Herr Juli

Mega Geil. Einer der besten Stimmen alles Zeiten!

1 year ago

Amina abdou

Forbidden in Germany when it came out!!! Still remains one of Queen's greatest hits.

1 year ago


High as f**k.

1 year ago


Do you know kimchi?

1 year ago


私は自由になりたいです 何のじ由 何のための

1 year ago



1 year ago

Alex Perez

alta musica por dios <3

1 year ago

karen mcardle

Gotta have some Freddy mercury , One of The greatest Entertainer`s,, I have seen personally , & He definitely knew how to keep a crowd going :)

1 year ago

Sarat Chandra

brilliant song

1 year ago

Nerdyartist Dawson

LMAO freddie is rocking that outfit.

1 year ago

Victoria Milagros Inga Baca

Me faacina esta music

1 year ago

marisa monzón

Un grande que alegra siempre con su música siiiiiiiiiiiiii.....Queen - I Want To Break Free

1 year ago

Christian Uribe

I think Freddie Mercury might have been gay.

1 year ago

VideoGaming Pro

for all you idiots , dressing up as a woman back in 80s was something like being a pedophile... this guy had bigger balls than hulk and king kong combined... so shut your mouths little racists

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