QUARTERFLASH - Valerie (Live at the Hollywood Palace 1984) video free download

Duration: 05:11
Uploaded: 2012/02/16

Words and music by Marv Ross. 1981 The David Geffen Co


3 years ago


Lovely lady, great band - thanks for posting!

4 years ago


Loved them. I have no idea why they didn't get more publicity-they were so strong musically.

4 years ago


Thanks for posting this - of all the female vocalists of the 70's and 80's she was the most under appreciated - had a great range and was always on key. Some of the gals singing today could take a few lessons from our Rindy. 

4 years ago


Marv and Rindy Ross now have "The Trail Band". Search YT for "Mustang Santa W/ The Trail Band " and you'll also see the incredible Linda Hornbuckle.

5 years ago


Yeah, I had a quick google search, it does look like one of those. I'll have to check it's demos. Thanks

5 years ago

Mike Whitaker

That's Marv Ross, I think, and it looks like a Roland G-505 guitar synth in a custom colour.

5 years ago


Anyone know what model of Guitar the guy has at 00:16 seconds, I would appreciate it. Thank you.

5 years ago

Valerie Dyer

i love this song...lol

5 years ago


Rindy Ross 'kissed a girl and liked it'..... The year Katy Perry was born

5 years ago

Shane Crawford

One of the best of a great decade of music, but one of the hardest songs to findon the internet or otherwise.

5 years ago

Miguel Saiz

It is one of his best songs. It is strange that this theme does not come in any compilation album.

6 years ago


What a great debut album this is!

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