Pusha T - Trust You ft. Kevin Gates (Official Video) video free download

Duration: 04:15
Uploaded: 2013/04/01

Pusha T - Trust You ft. Kevin Gates (Official Video)

Dir. by Matt Alonzo


2 years ago

Shondrai McMillian

We love it my kids listen to it almost every day 

2 years ago

Dirty D Dirty D

Bad ass red bone

2 years ago

Brandi Ray

I ain't got money problems, I got trust issues-YG. My town got 12,000 approximately ppl in it. We got the 5th highest crime rate in IN, #1 per capita. So snitches is deep. My bae IS my team.

2 years ago

terrell reynolds

first a dress now this dude put lipstick on illumini hos man

2 years ago

Kendall P


2 years ago

Courtne Nelson

SO 10000. ILY. D.M.H

2 years ago

Vero Nika

Love this song

2 years ago


my stool smells better..

2 years ago

Truth Morgan

This sum ckold Blooded shit

2 years ago

Jaylah Pierce

This is a good song

2 years ago

Alexander Savath

That shit slap tho

2 years ago


This Money. Its a song for a trap girl hatin asses

2 years ago

A Tibby

Check out this video on YouTube:

2 years ago

Michael Anthony


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