Polka Dots and Moonbeams - Ella Fitzgerald video free download

Duration: 04:54
Uploaded: 2010/05/18

ポルカ・ドッツ・アンド・ムーンビームス / エラ・フィッツジェラルド

from''Fine And Mellow ''1974


2 years ago

Oceanborn Pacific

Ella transfers us in an other world, in a peaceful world. Thanks!

2 years ago

Agnes Jazz Fan

Ella Fitzgerald - Polka Dots and Moonbeams 

3 years ago

Armani Lehmann

just ella!

4 years ago

Farrell Vignoles

Oh....I was trying to learn this song and Ella's version 'unlocked' the melody for me! What marvellous, economical lyric writing too?

5 years ago

Don delaney

I saw her in person many years ago at the cave in Vancouver B.C. I love her voice . And her style of singing Timeless A real genius

5 years ago


respect to here genius but stacey kents version and arrangement is the best iv found..totally easy to ear

5 years ago

Donnie Mrkacek

i think you might be right, sad how sentiment took a back seat to excessive perversion

5 years ago


Magic, Pure Magic!

6 years ago

Tsutomu Akabane


6 years ago


Really nice phrasing from the band, and well what can you say about Ella! She was great.

6 years ago


@honeybee7700 Hi ^^Thank you very much for an introduction. Ella is the best. Please have a good day.^^ARIGATO^^♪♪Masumi^^

6 years ago


goose bumps thank you so much. What an amazing offering of joy from these stupendous artists breathing together as one! There is no one in the world who adores Ella more than I do, but this is the first time I've ever really felt the POWER of her later work. Grazia Ella, Tommy, Zoot, Louis, Ray, Sweets Eddie, Joe, Clark and you for sharing.

6 years ago


wow. not only is this the best rendition of the song ive heard in my life, but Ella at her absolute finest. They just dont make 'em like they used to...

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