Pierce The Veil - King for a Day ft. Kellin Quinn video free download

Duration: 04:54
Uploaded: 2012/08/06

Music video for "King For A Day" by Pierce the Veil from the album 'Collide With The Sky', available now on iTunes.



2 years ago

Misplaced Heart

This song would literally be shit without kellin love ya kellin

2 years ago

Zach Potter

Is this what happens to the Disney rejects?

2 years ago

That One Freak

Like one of my favorite songs

2 years ago

katherine willet

I love Vic screaming and kellin adds to the song a lot

2 years ago

Ellie Pen


2 years ago

Leslie Allende

now this is rock

2 years ago


pretty good song. not a fan of kellin hes an asshole in person but a good song.

2 years ago

audrey cooper

the "MASTER PLAN" sheet was hilarious

2 years ago

breakmywrist 666


2 years ago

Serlina Dragonclaw

I didn't see the Ft.Kellin so I was so lost that moment I was like, "there are two of them?!? Why does he look familiar?! Don't tell me the duplicated him!"Then the far guy went OK kellin I sat there with my jaw down to the floor I felt so dumb.

2 years ago

christian roebuck


2 years ago

Abby Ross

I love this song!! Amazing!!

2 years ago

Giovanna Maria

I can't stop listening to this ( sorry for my english, i'm brazilian )

2 years ago

Lynsey Olivia

i love that green and white guitar.

2 years ago

Sophia Games

This video gives me LIFE

2 years ago

Dizy Deus

Song starts at 0:58, thank me later

2 years ago

emilee kassidey A.mcgowan

love this song

2 years ago

Selene Saint Germain

kellin has a higher voice,that what makes this song rock

2 years ago

Ronhel Lingad

If you look closely, the news anchors are the same anchors in SWS - Do it now, remember it later :)

2 years ago


Not bad

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