Omarion - Private Dancer video free download

Duration: 04:28
Uploaded: 2012/12/11

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3 years ago

Satvir Kaur


3 years ago

David Yang

This song is creative as fuck.

3 years ago

Dimas Candra Negara

move your bode, let's dance with this song <3

3 years ago

Shannon Thomas

When I downloaded this song last year october I HAD IT ON REPEAT THE FIRST time I heard it...... I play this 4 me & my bf..... heheheheh......

3 years ago

Newton Paiani

Confira este vídeo no YouTube:ggg

3 years ago

latoya parker

I freaking love Omarion!!!!

3 years ago


O ... my girl just gave me a dance I well never forget off this TRACK !!!...Thank you !!!!!!!

3 years ago

Kala Harris

this my bro song FREE JALEN

3 years ago

Andrew Coleman

Beastin!, this cut go super hard! Who produced this track? Props yo!

3 years ago

chambria lowe

This song is apart of my night list!

3 years ago

Icame Out

Grown man, reminds me of Musiq.

3 years ago

Kay Denkins

I... love this song. 

3 years ago

Mlia Rogers

Why is it that this album hasn't gain more popularity its so good

3 years ago



3 years ago

killah kay

The 'they make me so jealous but I can't help it' part though! Jeeeeeze!

4 years ago

theophile gue

my song favoritethank Omarion

4 years ago

ShotBy AnnieO

throwing 100s when i should be throwing 1s

4 years ago

carmem aparecida da silva


4 years ago

Orenetta Nunn

Sho nuff I like the song n private dancers

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