Omarion - Last Night (Kinkos) video free download

Duration: 03:09
Uploaded: 2010/01/10

1. "I Get It In" (featuring Gucci Mane) Tank 3:08

2. "Last Night (Kinkos)" Tha Drummahz 3:09

3. "Hoodie" (featuring Jay Rock) 253 3:35

4. "What Do You Say" 253 3:39

5. "Speedin'" 253 4:24

6. "Temptation" 253 3:40

7. "Sweet Hang Over" T-Pain 3:23

8. "Thee Interlude" (featuring Marques Houston) Marques Houston 1:09

9. "Wet" 253 5:30

10. "I Think My Girl Is Bi" Maddscientist 4:04

11. "Code Red" 253 2:32

12. "On My Grind" (featuring Tank)


3 years ago

Cameron Smith

"Big stick to me just like a bag of fritos" Umm...fritos? Lol

3 years ago

Mike O Mally jr

stfu o is a star sorry i cant say the same for u

3 years ago

Lunsia Pheron

I love cte sik

3 years ago

Michael Robinson

this shit is hard, the beat is nasty, the keys in the back are crazy.

4 years ago

Tisha D

Dis will neva get old...#damn

4 years ago

Courtney Barnes


4 years ago

Charnice Torney

This song is sooo sexy

4 years ago

Glam Factor

There should have been a video smh

5 years ago

Brandon Terry

Ate that last night

5 years ago

Rianna Douglas

I love last night

5 years ago


C'est çà qu'est bon !

5 years ago


this album was underrated! i love this album!

5 years ago


12 am in the stang at the stop light windows rolled down bass knocking. That's how you suppose to.

5 years ago

Quinton Drumming

You can throw me another free throw

5 years ago

Sherry Waller

You to fly to be workin at werk out

5 years ago


what? This is one of his hits i swear ahha

5 years ago


my shit!!

5 years ago


First time I hard this song I had this shit on repeat for weeks I promise. This song so damn sexy its ridiculous!

5 years ago

George Rose


6 years ago


O killed dis shit

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