Omarion - Code Red video free download

Duration: 02:33
Uploaded: 2010/01/10

1. "I Get It In" (featuring Gucci Mane) Tank 3:08

2. "Last Night (Kinkos)" Tha Drummahz 3:09

3. "Hoodie" (featuring Jay Rock) 253 3:35

4. "What Do You Say" 253 3:39

5. "Speedin'" 253 4:24

6. "Temptation" 253 3:40

7. "Sweet Hang Over" T-Pain 3:23

8. "Thee Interlude" (featuring Marques Houston) Marques Houston 1:09

9. "Wet" 253 5:30

10. "I Think My Girl Is Bi" Maddscientist 4:04

11. "Code Red" 253 2:32

12. "On My Grind" (featuring Tank)


3 years ago

Lunsia Pheron

Omarion.!!!!. This is the best

3 years ago

Kristina Jeudi

I love this song

4 years ago

Dex Arts

#randb #randbmusic Omarion - Code Red

6 years ago

Savage Shawty


6 years ago

Red Mikey

like diz song & love da color red

6 years ago


OMARION eres un Sexey

6 years ago

justice depina

sick shit still

6 years ago

tynisa menafee

Love this song love love him please make more music please

6 years ago

Jaelyn Dior

this is a good song for a dance routine or something

7 years ago

Flip Warper

Luv Dis Song!!!

7 years ago


This song is awesome to dance to!

7 years ago


okay i like this.. the beat is cold..!!!

7 years ago

Jessica Higgins

omarion is sick :) i love him :D xx

7 years ago

Douglas Santos CerQuEirA

essa é stronda!!!

7 years ago

Flip Warper

Ima mak a video fo dis song mi own video version StarWorld All Day!!

7 years ago

Bria K.R.

"steez so fresh lil mama's like WOW": I Love that part

7 years ago

Gizem Karpuz

Yes. Besteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

7 years ago


coulda been huge hit but still good - no doubt :)

7 years ago


i feel powerful (:

7 years ago

Cole Hernandez

Omarion!!! This is a hot new track, I dig it

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