NANA MOUSKOURI - Where have all the flowers gone video free download

Duration: 04:17
Uploaded: 2009/03/07

From 1973, accompanied by the Athenians


3 years ago


Beautiful song,beautiful voice and touching interpretation. Just great !´╗┐

7 years ago


@punkinshadow Nana is pretty contrary to Adebrunetta; and a great singer.

8 years ago


I agree.

8 years ago


There has never been a voice like Nana's. She is wonderful!

8 years ago

Sharon Walker

This is a delightful arrangement of this song. I was surprised to find that the great Dietrich had sung it. I thought it was written by John denver. Live and learn!!! I particularly like the ending. thanks again for posting, Macstras. what would we do without you and the others?

8 years ago

Ambrose bear

So beautiful

9 years ago


very nice song with beautiful pictures

9 years ago


Fort jolie chanson ! par Nana ├ęgalement

9 years ago


A wonderful song , which i heard it for the first time with Marlene Dietrich ( hope i write properly her name ) . I didn' t knwo that Nana had sung it too ...very nice !

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