Nana Mouskouri - When i Dream video free download

Duration: 03:29
Uploaded: 2009/04/25

Nana Mouskouri - When i Dream 1981


Album : Come With Me 1980


3 years ago

ann roman

i am in tears, that was so beautiful

3 years ago

Irene Aloema

Beautiful song by Nana M..

3 years ago

John Rollino

La plus belle chanteuse dans le monde. Nana - Je t'aime.

3 years ago


Gracias por cantar

3 years ago


She is an angel.Her voice is timeless. The glasses just have to go! 

4 years ago

jason seychelles

So Beautiful and relaxing fell asleep listening to it. THANKYOU NANA MOUSKORI

4 years ago


The best version I have heard yet,Thank you Nana and of course bellecourse

4 years ago


Just lovely. The trills in Nana's voice as so often, make the song hauntingly beautiful. Only re the timing rhythm i do prefer how the original singer does that.

5 years ago


Absolutely spectacular...

6 years ago

ana mata

que bonito, que bonito, que bien supo siempre escoger todas las canciones, Nana, eres grande. gracias

6 years ago

Angelene Co

This song is so adorable... i hope u guys would enjoy this video as i really

6 years ago


Utterly delightful!

6 years ago


Quite lovely. Thnx for sharing this wonderful song with us. Pls listen to Vic Damone's version and I guaranty you'll love it too! Thnx again...

6 years ago

She is angel ...........................

6 years ago

Sherry Crossley


7 years ago



7 years ago


Nana is absolutely beautiful !!!!

7 years ago

Candi Smith

I have searched 30 years for this song. Bless you for posting!

7 years ago


Definitely , she's very beautiful. I am tireless listening to her very beautiful voice and songs. Many thanks for posting/sharing.

7 years ago


simply amazing and fantastic, she is spellbinding and it was a rare privilege to attend some of her concerts. In a concert hall with good accoustics she just soars ,thanks for the thrill it was listening to you Nana !!

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