Nana Mouskouri - Imagine video free download

Duration: 03:11
Uploaded: 2008/12/16

Nana Mouskouri - Imagine 1982

Composition: John Lennon


2 years ago

Tang SC

IMAGINE - I'm a "dreamer" too. thank you John Lennon and Nana !

3 years ago

Melody Argüello

i love her Voice! <

4 years ago

Monique Vanmechelen

mooi gezongen thanks nana!!!!!

4 years ago

Isabelle Frankenfield

Nana Mouskouri, in my humble but biased opinion, is without a doubt the best female singer. Her magnificent voice is unequalled. I listen to her music every day without fail.

5 years ago


Would be proud

5 years ago

Pablo Mora

John Lennon...John Lennon...John Lennon...

5 years ago

ana mata

preciosa voz, preciosa canción...

6 years ago

Alexander Mouskouri

Hermosa Nana Mouskouri!!!

6 years ago


@JhonathanFree thanks....oooOOOOOMMMMMMMMMM

6 years ago

Kyriakos Brastianos

Amazing Performance from an Amazing Artist of an Amazing Song of another Amazing Artist... Yes i know too AAAAmazing

6 years ago


What happened to our world...?

7 years ago


What a terrific performance by Nana.One can really appreciate her beautiful voice in this song.. Thank you for sharing bellecourse

7 years ago


think sissel sings this best...

7 years ago

Gisèle Demers

John Lennon...if he still lived, he would have been 70 years old...

7 years ago

Lucienne Jouglet

magnifique..........sans voix (pour moi.....)

7 years ago


She gave me goosebumps. I can listen to her forever.

8 years ago


YOU, wear lovely !!!!!!!!

9 years ago


merci beaucoup, merveilleux

9 years ago


Excellent !!! Thank you :-) Helen

9 years ago


Quoi dire ??????? Magnifique . Merci

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