M.O x Destiny Child | "So Good" - A64 [S6.EP28]: SBTV video free download

Duration: 02:57
Uploaded: 2012/12/19

SB.TV hijacked M.O. during their studio session for another soulful A64. This time Frankee, Annie and Nadine sing Destiny's Child's "So Good".

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2 years ago


nadine and annie killed that note

3 years ago

princess tatiana

lol dats a dude

3 years ago

Loz V

For all the kpop fans out there Annie reminds me of Park Bom? X

3 years ago

mrspence spence

they sing so good by Destiny's Child then when they sing no no when they sing "everytime I see you with your boys You pretend as if you don't want meWhen you get home you call me on the phone And tell me how much you care" there sing NO NO NO

3 years ago

james knight

that is not a chick is a man it's

3 years ago

NiQue Taplin

luv it!!!

3 years ago


Who's the girl on our right, their left?????

3 years ago

mrspence spence

they sing 2 different song 

3 years ago

PammieJ 777

That was some nice vocals. 

3 years ago

Shawn P

who's the 4th chick playing the guitar?

3 years ago


Just shows you, ANYONE CAN BE DESTINY'S CHILD!!!! 

3 years ago

aja carlson

these girls are SO GOOD

3 years ago

Abbi Ashleigh

Look at Nadine man

3 years ago


This is by far my favourite one of them. They are so beautiful and so talented I'm so in love and hope for only the best for them

3 years ago

Kayleigh Mitchell

U guys r amazing 

4 years ago

edouard manuputty

waow..... damnnnnn " so goooooooood ;-) 

4 years ago

Thomas Miller

Anyone got a tab for this?

4 years ago


Nadine is amazing

4 years ago


The one in the middle looks like a bad chick haha

4 years ago

Tanito Femi-idowu

And you guys are soo goood!

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