Mireille Mathieu - Pardonne-moi ce caprice d'enfant video free download

Duration: 03:16
Uploaded: 2008/10/15

This is my all time favorite by the lovely Mimi. The song was a great hit written by the Italian composer, Patricia Carli, who should also be credited for donne ton cœur, donne ta vie.

The video is edited by 'Jim Witt' and he has kindly added the subtitles in French and English, so all the praise goes to our lovely Mimi for sure and secondly to Jim!

Here you can watch the high quality version of the clip:



3 years ago

Résidence Talia

Chansons de ma jeunesse

3 years ago

Ami -Juba

Très belle chanson en souvenir !

3 years ago

Florise Thatcher

Takes me back to the 60's... Bravo Mireille

3 years ago

Jari Hunnakko

Very nice :)

3 years ago



3 years ago


Thank you for your good songs 

3 years ago

Zhanna Bolshakova

и вот еще понастольгируем))))

3 years ago

Esko Määttä

Mireille Mathieu on maailman paras laulaja. Heti alunalkaen. Täysin ylivoimaisesti. Kel kuulo on, hän sen todetkoon itse. Tai sitten ei, jos musiikkitaju ei siihen riitä.

3 years ago

kamel mohammed Faraoun

Chanson extrêmement belle, avec un clip très simple (pas besoins d'effet 3D et scènes inédites pour admirer le tube ....!) 

3 years ago

Frank Otto

heute abend: Mireille im Friedrichstadtpalast. und ick hab ne karte!

3 years ago

romas klenavicius


3 years ago

Bryan Jeske

Beautiful song !!! Toute le monde amor Mireille Mathieu !!!

3 years ago

olga mahieu

belle chanson

3 years ago


A time where skill mattered more than cheap entertainment. sad, that we chose the easy way sacrifing all that what matters.

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