Miley Cyrus - Wrecking Ball (Glow White Lyrics) video free download

Duration: 03:58
Uploaded: 2013/08/29

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Walt Music, 29/08/13, Malaysia Lyrics Video...


2 years ago

Dani Cat

I LOVE the music video for this song. It's so dramatic.

2 years ago

Ida Quaison

luv de song

2 years ago

Evey Oscar

Good song

2 years ago

Mahasweta Banerjee

i actually love d song but nt d video!!!!!

2 years ago


I think it's better to have lyrics without glow

2 years ago

G A Thryaksha


2 years ago

Jesse Castro

She should not take her clothes out

2 years ago

Larry Holland

I hate it

2 years ago

Vitoria Martins


2 years ago

Paige Nisbet

you are terrible and make it for kids not show your ass

2 years ago

Christina Arends

I like the song not the video

2 years ago

Annabella Defazzio

I want the old miley back

2 years ago

venmathii ssv

love the song only..........

2 years ago

Olivia Stribley

At least Miley cyras is not creating it

2 years ago

Eddie Bishop Jr.

Love the song

2 years ago

Harshvardhan Tandon

the lyrics should have been WRE-EE-EK me. :):)

2 years ago

Destiny Medeiros

I wish she was still Hannah Montana and kid freindly

2 years ago

olivia upton

Good job

2 years ago

SpiritDawn Miesner

RIP Hannah Montana Fans

2 years ago

Adnan Bhuiyan

I came in like an atom bomb...

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