Mike GLC - Exodus Freestyle [@MikeGLC] | Link Up TV video free download

Duration: 03:50
Uploaded: 2013/02/18

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3 years ago

lilly fawkes

I heard dream about you holding a bible before you made this keep grinding your don't stop this 

3 years ago

seb cox

hi Mike its me again, yup your biggest fan, am here to tell you about the fking glc man, he don't hold weight or stack no.p, he sweats out flipping beef for ron at maccy fking d.. you know you chat bare waffle and you say your click is rare but all.your crew know how to do is cut fucking hair, you prance around in dresses posing for the lens, and then you lay down bars about your imaginary benz, ive seen you on your moped, cruising up the block, carrying a fking stack of dominos pizza box, see

3 years ago

Dee Gee

the realest 

3 years ago



3 years ago

giovanni Collu

u got stiched up brva, keep ur head up & 100 fam, time will soon fly by!

4 years ago

louis raymond


4 years ago

oodlesofosz __

Still not better than pusha t lol

4 years ago

daniel weston

Big bars. Spend sum time in jail then cuss it faggot

4 years ago


u fink its funny to taking da piss bout someone goin jail its far from funny bruv free mike glc

4 years ago

young femz

exodus 23;1

4 years ago

Caleb Joseph

He's not in jail.

4 years ago



4 years ago



4 years ago


Mike glc and hollowman giggs. On a track

4 years ago


Derz not too many London Rappers I listen too but this track puts Mike GLC head and shoulders above em all #AWoL #Brum

4 years ago

Connor Cook

UK Dr. Dre

4 years ago


One of the realist

4 years ago


Richard Pearson, your grammer in itself is poor. If you're going to correct people about the terminology they use and how & what words are executed in a YouTube comment, please correct them the right way.

4 years ago



4 years ago


If I have an low IQ then yours must be equivalent to a rats. You used the term "offence" what crime was committed you dumb cunt? The correct term is "offense" you silly arsehole.

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