Metallica - Turn the Page [Official Music Video] video free download

Duration: 05:50
Uploaded: 2012/03/19

Turn the Page [Official Music Video]

From the album "Garage Inc."

Director: Jonas Akerlund

Filmed in October 1998 in Los Angeles, CA

Video Premiere Date: October 28, 1998

© 1998 Metallica


2 years ago

Marcio Silva

Veja este vídeo no YouTube:

2 years ago

Ben G

An incredible cover, but no one will ever compare to Bob Seger

2 years ago

Cássio Lopes

muito bom

2 years ago


When I think about "America", I imagine those scenes. A lot of people think about "New York" and technology, but I think to these crappy motels, red light clubs and truck drivers. Don't ask me why

2 years ago

Reb Short

"If I could live my life again, I'd make the exact same choices." That's pretty funny considering Metallica is not really known as a band with a sense of humor.

2 years ago

Hunter Ayers

Thus song represents the life of my mother and I for eight years. She hadn't even finished college until I was around two or three years old. In 2009 my mother met and amazing man who carries his family on his back through a terrible job that he despises. Along with his three chilren, we've become the closest of friends, and family. He saved us from so many hard times. But along the way he encountered his own. Through all the smoke and mirrors, we made it through today to be a thriving middle class family. My story tells of how one man changed my mother's and my life forever. Unfortunately some never find the person who can help pull you from suffering. My mother and I were lucky. Many arent

2 years ago

Jacqueline Haselmyer

Some music is timeless

2 years ago

Elton Brown

Check out this video on YouTube:

2 years ago

daniel parker

I WANT to get married.....NOW!!!...SWM...6'3"...former TV Meteorologist.....Want to marry me today? Write........................

2 years ago

sticky icky

this my shit/...........jcxk

2 years ago


i wonder if Jason Newsted would say the same ? 5:39

2 years ago

Denis K

What to say for me masterpice 

2 years ago

Chuck Bison

This is SAD but true....

2 years ago

Malala R

Es increíble lo que hace una madre por el bienestar de su hijo.

2 years ago


That last statement in the video - one of the most dishonest things ever. Or so I hope.

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