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2 years ago

Harco Breider

Bad quality!

2 years ago

evanela gurdozi

I adore this song, lyrics,music and above all interpretations. This is a love song dedicated by James to his former girlfriend at the time of writing the song. Also, James sad in one interview this is a song of brotherly love, which later became associated many times with the former member Cliff Burton who died in an accident. The song could mean both, the last goodbye to brother or a love latter to a girlfriend who is far away. However, beautiful in both ways !!

2 years ago

Awilda Nuñez

l love it

2 years ago

tammy stanton

I'm truly sorry if I've played this song before..... I heard it again this morning and just had to post it for all of you. TOTALLY AWESOME SONG --- METALLICA ROCKS!!!

2 years ago

Dark blood rose

I think of +LMDorDIE rowe on this song. It's so good

2 years ago

Patricia Fischer

Musique jouer dans le temps au mariage de mon fils c était magnifique. Cette chanson était déjà superbe avant mais depuis c est inoubliable 

2 years ago

Red Feather

Love... Nothing else matters

2 years ago

Joanna Miller

Nothing else God Nothing else ....But <3 BE FOREVER

2 years ago


this was the song my parents had their first dance at their wedding

2 years ago

Samuel Volárik

bad lyrics sometimes ;)

2 years ago

Daniel Bacic

i love this song!!!!!

2 years ago

sam khan

beautiful song simple with a message 

2 years ago

Fleur Floura

Love it

2 years ago

Ramesh Koilpillay

Check out this video on YouTube:

2 years ago

anime rules

metallica is my 10th favorite band

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