Material Girl - Walk off the Earth video free download

Duration: 03:55
Uploaded: 2013/05/06

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This is our version of the Madonna classic "Material Girl"!

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2 years ago

linda k

Thus band is awesome, I love how in synch they are, they really work well together, and their cove songs are some times better then the original!!!

2 years ago

Onnaleigh Stearns

shes pregnant good for her to still do it, really

2 years ago

Tony Chavez

Someone gave her a creampie...possibly a bandmate.

2 years ago

teako north

HOW DARE A PREGNANT WOMAN SHOW HERSELF IN PUBLIC!seriously, calm the hell down. listen to the music, kids.

2 years ago

Indi Sugar Taufik

Came here again for Sarah and that epic solo Banjo :D

2 years ago

Dave Perez

Wow you guys owned this! Amazing cover!

2 years ago

Rae H

I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!

2 years ago


j'adoooore ça me fait carrément zapper l'originale !!!

2 years ago

Hatty Hattington

Gold Digger

2 years ago

Shlomi Fish

I love this cover. Thanks , and keep up the good work.

2 years ago

Silvina Barrese

Wote ;)

2 years ago

Kwago Nite

The song is naked without the synth

2 years ago


Nothing more beautiful than a pregnant woman. Love this video.

2 years ago

Major Trauma

I'm a Madonna fan and I thought this was great. I wonder if M has heard/seen this version. 

3 years ago


such an amazing performance!!!! everytime i watch it i see more and more little and important details!!!!!

3 years ago

Twinsunian LP

I love every little trick you put in your videos guys. Like the slow motion part: you actually had to do that probably twice as faster so it came at the same speed in slo-mo!But that's probably nothing to you from what we've seen in videos like Royals.You are AWESOME.

3 years ago


was it a ram horn?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3 years ago


was that a ram horn???????

3 years ago

Sean Ciccone

Finally a cover of the Queen of Pop doing her justice

3 years ago



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