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Duration: 05:02
Uploaded: 2015/01/14

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Tickets for Maroon 5’s North American with Rozzi Crane and European Tour with Nick Gardner are on-sale now!

Music video by Maroon 5 performing Sugar. (C) 2015 Interscope Records


2 years ago

Skråmen Fotball

Mathias h is sexy

2 years ago

Burak Anılan

Ulan bi bizim buradaki düğünlere bak bi de adamlardaki düğünlere bak. Adalet mi lan bu?

2 years ago

Michelle Cheney

I honestly don't care if this was all stage, or if they did this for real. It fits so perfectly with the song, Maroon 5 does it once again. I literally teared up when I saw what they were doing! I know that if/when I ever get married, I want Maroon 5 to just randomly show up and serenade us!

2 years ago

Aria Blaze™

Ok good song don't YALL judge me 

2 years ago

Mariana Marvão

I love

2 years ago

Pubudu Akalanka Watthuhewa

Hope somebody will do the same as this on my big day Truly surprising moments. Love this song and the video too. ♥ ♥ ♥

2 years ago

Mika Harris


2 years ago

Gunawan Wijayakusuma

Lagu yg mengartikan semuanya

2 years ago

Erica Talavera

December 06, 2014 and my baby dob is December 14, 2006.

2 years ago


The idea behind this music video is absolutely awesome, so genuine and creative, although it isn't real, can‘t wait to see more, the song is pure joy !

2 years ago

Kierstin Thompson

That's amazing..

2 years ago

CodCraft Plays

The brides muscles when she is shocked lol 

2 years ago

Thomas Huang

Good job guys. U really make it so happenings. 

2 years ago

Emily Silerio

They went on tour but for Weddings thats AWESOME!!!!

2 years ago

Prasanth Giri

OMG When I crash random weddings, people hate me and want to kill me (just got a little inspired by this video haha. Was a great experience!!

2 years ago

Chawin Sanrubsin

Listen and Smile

2 years ago

VideoGamer 16

Can I sing in the Lobby?

2 years ago

Kevin Aylward

Very cool thing to do! Those couples will remember this for the rest of their lives.

2 years ago

Vui VideoHay

Oh yeah!...It's so great

2 years ago


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