Mariah Carey - Loverboy Remix video free download

Duration: 04:27
Uploaded: 2006/01/20

feat. Ludacris, Da Brat, Cameo, Shawnna

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2 years ago


cameo what a legend

2 years ago

Mark minez

lol takes me back to my early gogo dancer college days 01 !!

2 years ago

jamison bryant

mariah out did herself on the song the glitter soundtrack and movie was very well put together congrats mariah kiss those kis for me

3 years ago

Anthony De Souza

She was really something special wasn't she...

3 years ago

Ultra Lamb

It's a shame that this remix was put on the album when it used the same song just with rap as when you get to the single version at the end of the album, it seems pointless because you've basically already heard it...

3 years ago


I just love it when Mariah is sexy and slutty, she does it for daddy so badly :-)

3 years ago

Cheryl Kennedy

Iconic tho.

3 years ago

Wallace Clifford Wentworth

The era of mariah's guests taking over control in her own songs just started!

3 years ago


She is about 5'8 5'9... Everyone thinks she is small

3 years ago

sphinx onyx

No one can compare to those legs 

3 years ago

Chris Betancourt

Great collaboration! One of my all time favorite Mimi jams!

3 years ago


Awww, look at my Angel Mariah. Nick will be forever stupid if he divorces her. The pic of her layin on the hospital bed next to him when he had kidney complications is, for some reason, etched in the back of my mind. Don't be stupid, Nick.

3 years ago

MC Hilmy

Memory. this song is my jam

3 years ago

Leandro Rodrigues

Ok, Mariah. Stop being a slut...u make me sick

3 years ago


I'VE ALWAYS LOVED THIS BEAT, since this song dropped back when I was in 6th Grade. But MiMi definitely was losing it round this time, that whole rainbow/glitter/charm bracelet (1999-2003) era was just not her best. My fave Mariah era was Daydream to Honey, when she wore clothes...a tad bit more, lol and could REALLY sing!

3 years ago

Jason X

Glitter is easily one of the funniest movies ever made, which is saying quite a lot for something that was intended to be taken seriously. It's a shame the movie was so bad, though, as this song is actually pretty catchy.

3 years ago

Star glitter


4 years ago

Raenona Harvey

I love this song.... PS MARIAH is the chiki

4 years ago

Dahmane NewGak

Mariah Carey Loverboy remix

4 years ago


Mariah in hot pants sexy man

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