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Duration: 03:40
Uploaded: 2009/11/24

In 1982, Luther Vandross would release his debut album, Never Too Much, the title track would go on to be a Billboard Hit and standard for Vandross. Watch the official music video now.

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I can't fool myself, I don't want nobody else to ever love me

You are my shinin' star, my guiding light, my love fantasy

There's not a minute, hour, day or night that I don't love you

You're at the top of my list 'cause I'm always thinkin' of you

I still remember in the days when I scared to touch you

How I spent my day dreamin' plannin' how to say I love you

You must have known that I had feelings deep enough to swim in

That's when you opened up your heart and you told me to come in

Luther Vandross was a musical master whose style has influenced an entire generation of today's vocalists. His distinctive brand of satin smooth vocal magic moved international audiences and continues to touch people to this day. For almost 25 years, from 1981 to 2005, Luther Vandross dominated the American R&B music charts like no other artist before or since. In that span he released eight #1 R&B albums, seven #1 R&B singles and another five Top 20 R&B singles. He achieved crossover status with eight Billboard Top 10 albums, including reaching #1 with 2003's Dance With My Father; and another five Top 10 Billboard Hot 100 singles.


2 years ago

Ryan F

Listen to the bass, Luthers voice. Classic

2 years ago

JP Mack Fit Mom

A Million Days In Your Arms is NEVER TOO MUCH...I Miss his music!

2 years ago

Rejoya H

+david sanders Some easy listening when you get to it. Add this to a Classics Playlist.

2 years ago

Andy Freer

musiclove luther vandross

2 years ago


Classic song that still sends goosebumps down my neck every time i play it......... Miss you Luther x

2 years ago

Hunter Gayan

Sounds a bit like Take Back the Night by Justin Timberlake.

2 years ago

Adriano de oliveira rocha

Quem lembra desse radio...

2 years ago


2015 still fucking with Luther and ima 90s baby Rip to the legend

2 years ago

deana diedrich

My Personal Beautiful!!!!!!!

2 years ago

Roger R

1,000 kisses from you... 

2 years ago

Ammi Neal

every black cookout this song is played

2 years ago

Everlasting Radio

"Oh, my love. A thousand kisses from you is never too much"The Retro Club is in session on

2 years ago

Branquignole Tchamardo

Quelle musique de fou

2 years ago

Branquignole Tchamardo

King on thé WorldTour.......

2 years ago

Micah Harris

I love how happy he looks in this video! One of my favs!

2 years ago

S Smith

luther will be missed

2 years ago

Scott Dowell

I can't believe he was gay smh

2 years ago

Steve Firth

I just don't wanna stop ... but VEVO are lame and cut the video poorly. #fail

2 years ago


DAVID BOWIE had excellent taste when he hired Luther back in the 70's for backing vocals....

2 years ago


i can listen to this song over...and over...and over....and over.....

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