Luther Vandross - I'd Rather (Lyrics) video free download

Duration: 04:52
Uploaded: 2009/11/17

(( I Do Not Own This Song ))


2 years ago

Mary Taylor

I love this song if I ever get married I want this song played at my wedding

2 years ago

Haafiz Walker

This is for my bae sanaa

3 years ago

Lynette Shillingford

I love this song. It happens so many times where people realize later that "everything that glitter ain't gold". I love my Wife :)

3 years ago

beverly jefferys

This is for my baby...

3 years ago

D Vader

Lovely song

3 years ago

Carmi Usares

Superlike ko yan!!!

3 years ago

Anna Bacon

Luther Vandross - I'd Rather (Lyrics)

3 years ago

Indranie Singh

Nice song

3 years ago

mutonyi phionah

now this z what exactly a want cant get enough ov luther even for a second

3 years ago

darwin SANTOS

Nice Song

3 years ago

Amber Lowery

makes a broken heart worse 

3 years ago

mau reen

Luther Vandross - I'd Rather 

3 years ago

Vaiola Muni

oh how i love this song <3

3 years ago

Suzi Zen

amazing song!

3 years ago

Curties Williams

now you understand too

4 years ago

Vhodick Santos

sing it luther!

4 years ago

Rick S

For the former Mrs. Nichole Jackson Stewart

4 years ago

miyakie sweet

+Lee Becki've rather.. iloveyou babe xxx

4 years ago

Jovy Ann

Nice song♡ non stop playing*^▁^*

4 years ago

Cristita Taguiling

I can relate to this song and just love to play it again and again,just reminds me of my man i let go just recently.

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