Ludacris - Saturday (Oooh! Ooooh!) ft. Sleepy Brown video free download

Duration: 03:41
Uploaded: 2009/10/07

Music video by Ludacris performing Saturday (Oooh! Ooooh!). (C) 2001 The Island Def Jam Music Group


2 years ago

Travis Welts


2 years ago

Tee Woodz

Back when rap was...well good not to say good music don't exist but the videos back than were so amazing especially luda and missy videos always had u really watching

2 years ago

Chris Rodriguez

I was like 6 and I used to watch BET idk why. I remember a lot of good music videos and good music, but too bad I really don't know the names of any. 

2 years ago

Antonio Miller

Nothing like Saturday's

2 years ago

Yung Ben Kenobi

After watching a couple Luda vids from the early 00's I can tell why MTV stopped playing music. I forgot how bad the censorship was.

2 years ago

Roc keeta

Ludachris is the best of the early, mid 2000sHe is the Hits kingSay no more 

2 years ago

Jdh Xjs

Hola tu visita linda.

2 years ago

Chris Samaritan

This jiggy

2 years ago

Clarissa Hamilton

Miss Luda's long hair!

2 years ago

Im A StOnEr

I gotta big weed stash, pocket full of cashJust seen a big ol' ass (It's Saturday!) #DTP #Throwback 

2 years ago


This audio is disgusting, every second word is censored. But video's great anyway.

2 years ago

Roger Lord


2 years ago

John Issertell


2 years ago

Zark Dx

this is a ''ludiculous'' song lmao

2 years ago


never forget hearin this track back in 8th grade on MTV and dunkin the VHS to the VCR to record this track... does anyone know is this track sampled from somewhere?

2 years ago

Galactic Zombie

Why is this censored? Yuck.

2 years ago


Man I used to love this song back in grammar school, where does the time go.

2 years ago

Lil DGabriel

Nathaniel Knows brought me here

2 years ago

Mychil Jade

It's Saturday!!!!

3 years ago

Brian Kennedy

Loved this one. Luda made videos that were as tight as the songs!

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