Love The Way You Lie (Tyler Ward Acoustic Cover) - Eminem (ft. Rihanna) - Music Video video free download

Duration: 03:42
Uploaded: 2010/07/03

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Love The Way You Lie -- as originally performed by Eminem (feat. Rihanna)

Written by: Marshall Mathers, / A. Grant & H Hafferman

Published by Universal Music Publishing

Thank you Megan Nicole for coming out from Texas to help with this video, check out here site here:

Check out Eppic:

Thanks to Simply Spoons for editing this video!!! Awesome job!! Check him out here:

This is one of the first videos that we did not shoot live. Let us know what you think!!! Oh yeah, and Megan learned the rap on spot and memorized it within thirty min...holy cow, what a legit chick!!!!



2 years ago


wow, the time is running.Its 2015 now!

2 years ago

Evan Gilbert


2 years ago


When Eminem raps you can hear his pain, these people took the meaning out of the song it songs like 50 Cent and Nicki Minaj

2 years ago

Vijay Prakash

her rap is much better than him

2 years ago

Solomon Raj

That girl was just amazing and great job guys 

2 years ago

Mc don buzz

bro... ha ha ha i think i can do better of last verse .. lol

2 years ago

Connor Bell

I would have liked this video but it's just too over produced and the editing of the girl being on the stool and then just being standing all of a sudden took me out of it

2 years ago

Tag The World

Amazing Rap by Megan nicole!! Eppic is epic!!! Megan should try more Rap !! She can do it!!

2 years ago

ben gary

Really enjoyed the cover!

2 years ago

Rafael Milton Ugarte Mamani


2 years ago

Nguyễn Tiến Dũng

well done

2 years ago

Sunil Jain

Thumbs up if you are still watching in 2015

2 years ago

Nilesh Rawat

oh my love Nicole...

2 years ago

Sanjeeb Xoulz

The black guy raps cool..

2 years ago

Nine Nine

very very gooooooooooooooooooood

2 years ago

ryma angellina

Perfect ! We can say it's as great as the original 

2 years ago


searched for Covers after hearing the Eminen's Original , No one can perform it right like eminem's performance ( the tense , anger ) ...

2 years ago

The Silver Bone

It certainly looked like they were having fun. Beautiful.

2 years ago

Gamergirl Isabelle♥

This Girl's got swag!

2 years ago

Erica Fosberg

I think Tyler should of had more of a part in this song but otherwise it was really good

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