Love Takes Time - Mariah Carey [Lyrics] video free download

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Uploaded: 2007/11/14

Mariah Carey - Love Takes Time lyrics.


2 years ago

Jacqueline Lasam

Check out this video on YouTube:

2 years ago

Farjana Soneya

So nice song.

2 years ago

rutchie cadiz

"Love takes time" my jaka love this song....

2 years ago

Janice Ice

Love takes time to heal when you're hurting to much! 

2 years ago

McCartney Singer

2 years ago

Lamb Forever

And this is why I love Mariah Carey. <3

2 years ago

Baddies Ruthzl

Love takes time....# Mariah Carey

2 years ago

Solo Lee

Man listening and seeing Mariah perform this live was amazing, for that moment all the stress and hard times of life were forgotten and everyone was able to enjoy themselves in mariah's trance

2 years ago

Jc Llego

I think im falling with her

2 years ago


This is that throwback from way back....ANDISTILLLOVEIT#

2 years ago

mattie lang

How much time does it take? Im in love and he is worth the wait but i cant wait forever. 

2 years ago

khym co

I dont wanna be here alone

2 years ago

hara sanchez

i love it,,,,,

2 years ago

Yardley J

What a gem!

2 years ago

lourence indon

i love this song because It's teaching me on how to handle the relationship...

2 years ago

Robin D


2 years ago

Matilda Renee

Luv this one

2 years ago

ray sua

Simply the best

3 years ago

Lhyn Well

My pnahon pra dyan

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