Love Is - Vanessa Williams & Brian Mcknight lyrics video free download

Duration: 04:45
Uploaded: 2010/11/11

Love is like war: Easy to begin but hard to end...


2 years ago

Martina fairydust

fits perfectly in this time, love lights everything, let´s share the light

3 years ago

Sasha Airesse

Love Is ♥ Vanessa Williams

3 years ago

lorelei sanchez


3 years ago

Christine Felixon

This is one that I have not heard in a while. Nice video too 

3 years ago

Jane G Seda

There are "romantic" songs/ballads that are far to cheesy or overly sentimental. This is NOT one of those songs. This song truly is Beautiful! 

3 years ago

Lacey Michelle Powers

Here we all are in our need to connect. Share who you really are with someone special on Valentine's Eve! Let tomorrow be truly a new day, for love, giving love, accepting love!

3 years ago

Kimberley M

Love takes the tears and the pain and turns it into the beauty that remains....Love is not a noun, it is a verb, and action instead of saying it, show it...beautiful video, very nice imagery.....:)

3 years ago


For those that have selected the dislike thumb down tab truly don't know what LOVE IS

3 years ago

sy jung

좋아요! ㅋㅋ

3 years ago

Ricardo Mcdonalds

Powerfull song!!!

4 years ago

george toader

wonderful just wonderful 

4 years ago

Ranz Mayzerofive

Maybe I am a hopeless romantic, maybe I am so crazy in love, but whatever it is I will always express to you how much I love you my James and I will love you for life...for whatever I have gone through with you, it's my love that kept me hanging on and waiting...nothing will stop me from loving you my BB...kissing you with all my heart and soul ~ Ranz

4 years ago


Who don't like this? Who/

4 years ago


I want the piano interlude. Not the 90210 guitar version.

4 years ago

Vida Luz

iiam smart clever and able to overcome any adversity or blessing or person that tries to overpower me. I Am Smart. I can do ALL things through Christ Jesus who Strengthens ME<--LuzJennings

4 years ago

Vanda Lunica Samonte Aranas

~~~Love breaks your heart. Love takes no less than everything. Love makes it hard and fades away so easily. But I'll brave the love. I'll take my chance that it's not too late.~~~

4 years ago

Deborah Steele


4 years ago


thank you for watching it dear.. Enjoy..

4 years ago

Tyler Moss

great song and a worthy video to go along with it! thanks a lot

4 years ago

Lulu Bella


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