loudness - Lonely Player video free download

Duration: 04:52
Uploaded: 2008/08/09

1. Lonely Player 04:51

2. Angel Dust 04:47

3. After Illusion 05:59

4. Girl 02:34

5. Hard Workin' 03:30

6. Loving Maid 04:55

7. Rock the Nation 03:23

8. Devil Soldier 07:08


3 years ago

sixx n


3 years ago



4 years ago



5 years ago


I agree too, truth because both of these kinds of ppl that you've mentioned for sure have never heard of the mighty Loudness

5 years ago


I know you wrote your comment 5 months ago but i had to comment because i agree with you fully, getting tired of people using terms like Jrock and Jmetal, and people looking down on anything japanese, even if its amazing, because supposedly they are only listened to by "weeaboos"...its unfortunate.

5 years ago

Michin co

even X-Japan got influenced over Loudness, and most of Japanese heavy metal back bone was by Loudness since 1980's. But Loudness was influenced by VH, and Murasaki from Okinawa as well.

5 years ago


Loudness are mighty heavy metal legends that happen to be from Japan, bro. These "j-" terms are themselves stupid. They're used by weeaboos, to harm Japanese music scene. Great music, great bands are great no matter where they are from ;]

6 years ago


well i gues loudness is j-metal not j-rock

6 years ago


@MIssStrutter Daaang d00d. No need to get sand in your vagina! Just look at the tags, lol

7 years ago


If Loudness are J-Rock, they sure have some pussies to kill! Best J-Rock band evar, u guise :-{D

8 years ago


I could sing this whole when I was a kid and didn't know a word of Japanese.

8 years ago

yoshi bax

I love Van Halen. No respect. Loudness is the Van Halen of Japan. Although VH did it 5 years before. One of my most influential bands ever.

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