loudness - Like Hell video free download

Duration: 03:46
Uploaded: 2008/08/10

1. Crazy Nights 04:04

2. Like Hell 03:44

3. Heavy Chains 04:18

4. Get Away 03:53

5. We Could Be Together 04:35

6. Run For Your Life 03:59

7. Clockwork Toy 03:55

8. No Way Out 04:01

9. The Lines Are Down 04:57

10. Never Change Your Mind 04:09


2 years ago


fucking great!!!

2 years ago

Paul Ozz

it's so tasty lmli know metal from argentina but metal japanes LOUDNESS 3:)me voy al infierno corriendo por mi vida

3 years ago

osaru osaru


3 years ago


+No vales cabeza productions lefthanded's debunga wangi came later than like hell... 1986.

3 years ago


まさに(地獄のような)状況最上級。 必死・猛烈・間断なき集中力・・ヾ ^o^;;; 寝ちゃうけどね><

3 years ago

Scotty J.

#LOUDNESS- 'Like Hell' \>80's

4 years ago

belgian bc

I did so much air guitar with this solo when I was younger.

4 years ago


黄金時代を思い出します 樋口さんのドラミングやはり凄い。

4 years ago

No vales cabeza productions

wich one was first? like hell is from 1985, I don't know what year Debunga Wangi was released.

4 years ago

nelson rudy

intro same like Debunga Wangi by Lefthanded malay band......

4 years ago

manami honjyo


4 years ago


LOUDNESSのいままでのアルバムのなかで上位にくるぐらい好きなアルバムです。 (なんか懐かしいかんじがするんです☆ミ)

5 years ago

kaedy de la vega

rock is life

5 years ago

Jared Snellings

Im gowwing to wock you! xD

5 years ago

El Dino Locochón

Yeah!! is fantastic

5 years ago


Too much brood!

5 years ago


Having listened to these for a bit now, I'm attempting to hunt down some of their albums. I want the 5 disc set they have (They released a similar set for Dokken and Joe Satriani) but given it's lack of availability it's 74 bastard quid.

5 years ago


Respect from Turkey.

5 years ago

Sean Connolly

i would like to see them live

5 years ago