loudness - Heavy Chains video free download

Duration: 04:20
Uploaded: 2008/08/10

1. Crazy Nights 04:04

2. Like Hell 03:44

3. Heavy Chains 04:18

4. Get Away 03:53

5. We Could Be Together 04:35

6. Run For Your Life 03:59

7. Clockwork Toy 03:55

8. No Way Out 04:01

9. The Lines Are Down 04:57

10. Never Change Your Mind 04:09


2 years ago

Scotty J.

#Loudness- Heavy Chains [Thunder In The East] -80's-<}

2 years ago

Greg Graham


3 years ago

Simo Alatalo Alatalo

loudness aina yhtä upeeta

3 years ago

Ruslan Othman

nostalgia aku ditahun 80an 

3 years ago


nice song

3 years ago

Corrupt Plutocracy

I think I was a sophomore in high school when I heard the first time. Every one was Eddie Van Halen guitar god and I would say have you heard this band loudness from Japan? Need I say more? been a fan for decades now, damn im old gerrrrr

3 years ago


The adults in my life had great taste in music. My dad loves the 60s-70s my mom loves the 70's-80's and "hair metal"My uncle loved the heavier fast metal.... I have his old record of this album and it's one of my most favorite albums EVER.Loudness are true legends. Munetaka Higuchi was a kick ass drummer, Akira Takasaki shreds that guitar, Masayoshi Yamashita rocks that bass and Minoru Niiharas vocals all mix together perfectly.Most rock and metal bands today suck. To me they all sound the same and have no distinction... Too generic maybe....

3 years ago

Ed Gage

Man, that intro!!! \m/

3 years ago


Very nice song!

3 years ago

Scotty J.

#LOUDNESS ...'Heavy Chains' \>sj~13

3 years ago

Hothalia ais

in memories can't looser in soulllll......

3 years ago

lencing lah

keep rocking....yeahhhhh....

4 years ago


This songs main riff is so similar to Manowars "Blood Of My Enemies"Both great songs, and released around the same time.... best coincidence ever :)

4 years ago

金 高恩

아 노래는 좋은데... 욱일승천기가...ㅋㅋㅋㅡㅡ

4 years ago


fuck off overly pc asshole get over it

4 years ago

mat turbo

loudness butuh

4 years ago

Tommy Orgasmo

Love Japan and Heavy Metal