Loretta Lynn - Your Squaw Is On The Warpath video free download

Duration: 01:55
Uploaded: 2008/12/27

Performed and written by Loretta Lynn. Loretta, the coal miner's daughter, is famously from "Butcher Holler", a section of Van Lear, a mining community near Paintsville, Johnson County, Kentucky.

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2 years ago


Today's P.C. Culture would squash this kind of creativity. Even if Natives loved it.

3 years ago


Loretta has always been gangsta!

3 years ago

Andre Gervais

"You Dadgone Right" I agree with "QueenLoretta". Loretta was the star on that show for sure!!!

4 years ago

phyllis vance

She is a wonderful great singer

4 years ago


Hair style is called a flip . Back in the 50's and 60's it was the bomb.

4 years ago


I'm 18 & I love her hairstyle

5 years ago

miss Calvin

I love Loretta !!!!!!!!!!!!

6 years ago

kathleen ratcliffe

This remindes me of a lot a men and it is time that women spoke up.

7 years ago

Angela Hawkins

Respond to this video... Loretta Lynn Is the BEST country singer, other than Patsy Cline....I just love your Loretta XD

7 years ago

Angela Hawkins

@SOLE2SOUL Yea It was a weird hairstyle...but It's Loretta Lynn. lol

7 years ago


This is definitely one of the weirdest hairstyles of all time - A flip on the sides but long and flowing in the back!

7 years ago


Native "Ameurican" culture is so RICH!

7 years ago


haha dirty squaws

8 years ago


loretta lynn what a woman :)

8 years ago

Don Hawkins

i saw her sing this at the shrine in los angeles in early '69......!

8 years ago

Laurie Salmen

I am thankful for the Wilburns having her on there as much as they did....Cause now we can see and hear "THE GREAT LADY" Loves Loretta....ty for sharing

9 years ago


When he introduced her as the "Big Chief" of the Wilburn Brothers Show he was correct. The how may have been billed in Teddy & Doyle's name but LORETTA LYNN was the real star of that show with all the hits to prove it.

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