Loretta Lynn & Jeannie C. Riley - Don't Come Home A-Drinkin' video free download

Duration: 02:37
Uploaded: 2008/11/08

Performed by Loretta Lynn & Jeannie C. Riley, written by Loretta and her sister Peggy Sue. Loretta, the coal miner's daughter, is famously from "Butcher Holler", a section of Van Lear, a mining community near Paintsville, Johnson County, Kentucky.

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2 years ago


Got to be an 11!!!!They are having too much fun!!!!!!The Wilburn Bros.show was the best of all the country music shows on TV.Hal Rugg on steel and Tommy Vaden on fiddle.Jeannie missed her cue at :40 in the second half of the chorus but the band never missed a beat!

3 years ago

Sliver Davis

5 ppl hate this! They don't know why a real country music is!! Wow they are both beautiful ladies!!! They did did a great job!!! This is awesome!! 

3 years ago

Koos Van Der Avoird

Loretta Lynn was pretty hansom back then

3 years ago

Natalie Gomersall

Loretta is the better singer she's got a much softer sound more feminine jeanie c is good but she sounds a bit like dusty Springfield loretta is defiantly more country. 

3 years ago

Joe Jackson

There's your feminism in your face!

3 years ago

Sandy Miller

I think this turned out great but I like Loretta doing her thing and Jeannie C. doing her thing. They are both talented in their own right.

3 years ago

Daisy Flowers

I remember watching these shows in Black & White, because our house wasn't a Color TV house yet! LOL I love seeing these two beautiful ladies singing one of Loretta's big hits.

3 years ago

tyna faddy

beautiful ladies of country...

4 years ago

Charlie Irvin

They were Both great Singers. both Very Talented. I Love them Both.

4 years ago


Ha ha , ohmyGod, I LOVE this song! :) W\ 2 beautiful ladies I grew up listening to. <3

4 years ago


Why is Ray Charles playing stand up bass?

4 years ago

Paige Popejoy

Love me some Harper valley PTA

4 years ago


@:39 Stay on the 1 chord till she starts singing boys!

4 years ago


Two Super Talents Of our Time Ain't We lucky !!!!!!!

5 years ago

Sheldon Cooper

just checking .. 100% sure it ISN'T Jodie Foster with a wig?

5 years ago

Cameron Burge

Jeannie makes Loretta look like a bloody man. Sorry but it's true.

5 years ago

John Atkin


5 years ago


It don't get any better than this

5 years ago

Donnie Mrkacek

i remember this loretta, beautiful not dolled up

6 years ago


LOL....nobody can sing a song like Loretta ,shes the Best.

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