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Duration: 02:26
Uploaded: 2012/03/19

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2 years ago

Echo FlameHeart


2 years ago

Ruth Collis

OMG! What incredible video camera planning! What incredible cardboard artistry! What an amazing message! How do you all do it? I am astounded. What thought that was put behind it and coordination! How did you all find each other to harmonize so well? It is just unfathomable!

2 years ago

Jonathan Meyer

Walk Off the Earth - Little Boxes

2 years ago

Collin Hunter

You bastards you've done a shit cover of obe of my favorite songs and then gain more popularity than the original. WHAT THE FUCK!

2 years ago


came from the shaytards

2 years ago

Laura Stapel

Can't get this single in Australia!!!! NO FAIR!!!! Love love love this song and video clip!

2 years ago

Holly Landino.E

i love this song

2 years ago

Austin Williams

Just saw Sara on the news today her and her kid got kicked off a plane because the kid was crying? So I thought I'd come listen to some of her songs lol

2 years ago

Anita Balla

Finding the lyrics to this song in your textbook 3 years later hahaha

2 years ago

Trey Rodarte

These people are a disgrace to the country I call Merica

2 years ago


I new this reminded me of something and it was boxtrolls since it was in the movie at the credits

2 years ago

Hannah Smith

It's a very relaxing song

2 years ago


Lol most if this was the video 

2 years ago

rosa olsen

wow sometimes classics are just as good if not better than the original protest songs.. for the same reasons they were made to begin with.. those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

2 years ago


nice song, nice movie, thanks Walk off the Earth

2 years ago

Constynce Day

I really love your songs and you could maybe make it not out of boxes

3 years ago


Shaytards brought me hear love it :)

3 years ago

Emily Daoust

little boxes from weeds love it!!

3 years ago


This is really bad. Why did you shit on this wonderful song?

3 years ago


wake up jeff!!

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