Linkin Park - Waiting For The End (Official Video) video free download

Duration: 03:55
Uploaded: 2010/10/09

Linkin Park "Waiting For The End" off of the album A THOUSAND SUNS.

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1 year ago

Sparta Otano

Awesome !!!

1 year ago

Salvina Calanducci

Wonderful song !!!

1 year ago

DMan Dreaming

Love this lp tune soooo much , yeah .

1 year ago

Azhar Robbani

This song has so much feelings..right anyone?

1 year ago

christian castillo

Sounds like life is strange

1 year ago

Romeo Radam

Nice video, thanks

1 year ago

Kelin Pereira

he's perfect................

1 year ago


These guys are just as good live as they are on the albums, maybe even better

1 year ago

juan andres mariño medina

muchachos ustedes son los mejores rrogamos para que entren asu colombia tierra del inteligente es como si tuviesen muchos disipulos ocultos esperandolos. rock rap

1 year ago

Carolina Flores

PerOooo Que Chiva estaba Esta igual ala de faint..burt un down y otras mas 

1 year ago

Dante Crowlley

*My life 'n one music*

1 year ago

Heather B

Love me some Linkin Park!! Its that kind of day. How can you not love Linkin Park? Shadow of the day, Numb, ect...

1 year ago

Jared D'Angelo

I used to hate this song and now I love it. Not sure what happened...

1 year ago

Aymen Oueslati

so many things were left unsaid ...

1 year ago

Lala 8911

Les sons comme ça c'est tellement énorme !

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