Linkin Park - Until It's Gone (Official Video) video free download

Duration: 03:56
Uploaded: 2014/06/12

Linkin Park "Until It's Gone" off of the album THE HUNTING PARTY.

Directed by Mr. Hahn.

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1 year ago

LaKethian Rex

How is there like 2thousand something dislikes?! Why!?! This song is great, how do you give it a thumbs down?!

1 year ago


fufufufu... i hate to do this because i'm so nice but i got to say this for u haters. i do apologize but me trying to speak in a friendly tone is not going to happen today. again i'm sorry but i must ask, if u all don't like linkin park and hate their music then how are they make more of a livin then your sorry asses? These people are doing waaay better than you. These guys are makin tons of money of their "crappy/suck ass" music.u people always got to judge someone. you're not god. u don't judge people. he does. and when u face him in heaven, let's see if some of ya'll be judging then.

1 year ago

Dante Crowlley

*Well will take a while to make it gone*

1 year ago

Karina Rosa

Love love

1 year ago

ansen koshy

Love it love it love itt

1 year ago

Wellington Brandão

Legal e muito legal

1 year ago

Flavio Junior

Unti's gone é mto foda

1 year ago


Been exactly a year since this released.

1 year ago

Vyshnavhee Gurunathan

I sort of prefer the lyric video but the song is awesome either way

1 year ago


1 year.

1 year ago

Angela Janice

I love my Linking Park!!! ❤️

1 year ago

dslr rent

like coz the overlays !!! :)

1 year ago

Fouiny Attou

this song makes you think about your lifeand its importance and all of the things that matters to youbest song ever

1 year ago

sajib mahammad


1 year ago

Antonio Melendez Chavez

Una de mis bandas faboritas

1 year ago

yazmin Cortez


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