Lime - Babe We're Gonna Love Tonight Official Video video free download

Duration: 03:37
Uploaded: 2010/02/11


Babe We're Gonna Love Tonight by Lime

© 1982 Unidisc Music Group

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2 years ago


how tf did I end up here? (0.o)

2 years ago

Jesse Garibay

Simple yet so deep

2 years ago

Bob Kosgak

"Should we dress up?" "No, just come over here and we'll make the video real quick"

2 years ago

Miguel Fuentes fuentes

Q recuerdos 

2 years ago


70s music videos don't get anymore basic than thisThe artists dancing in front of a white screen with some wacky colour effects.

2 years ago

Max Hogendijk

just listen, dont look at video lmao!

2 years ago


Hermosos recuerdos de una infancia de guerras de minitecas.... Te felicito Luis Antonio, eres uno de los pocos jóvenes de esta generación que se interesa por la buena música, la mayoría no le importa que tan mala es la música de hoy en día, lo que les importa es que es la moda y ya... Lastima que no vivstes esos momentos

2 years ago


See, you don't need teeth whitener to be successful....

2 years ago

M.angeles ruiz perez

Canciones que te llenan el corazon

2 years ago

Pop Off!

Well THEY spent no money on the video. However this a class and classic cut of disco.

2 years ago

David King (THE RETARD)

They coulded done a better video..the song was a big hit in the ending 70s,,this song was number one in the discos

3 years ago

jose luis Alvarez

Babe We're Gonna Love Tonight

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