Lil Yachty - Shoot Out The Roof video free download

Duration: 02:38
Uploaded: 2017/01/06

Official video for Lil Yachty “Shoot Out The Roof” off of Summer Songs 2, out now. Listen / buy audio here:

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Music video by Lil Yachty performing Shoot Out The Roof. (C) 2016 Quality Control Music, Capitol Records and Motown Records


9 months ago

Matthew Phelan

What's this shit

9 months ago

mulindwa norman

play this in ma car and everyone looking at me in traffic JAM....especially them BITCHE$$$$

9 months ago

Jordan Johnson

I can't take him serious with his shitty ass voice....this song is almost one of those songs hopsin madefun of with no words

9 months ago


Thanks for the subtitles

9 months ago

Javier Valdes

last year he was a poor he is just a joke

9 months ago


I actually am growing on this dumb shit. I kinda like it.

9 months ago

Brittany Dawson

Ik im prob gonna catch a L for this but ill hold it i like the fact theyre using paintball guns and not real guns in a vid for once its a fun concept and waaay less violent

9 months ago


Great music I wish I can get views like them go to my YouTube and tell what you think about my music guys

9 months ago

luis navarro

this shit is trash

9 months ago

who do they love? ME

this beat goood!

9 months ago

ismail ayro

Am i the only who thinks that blonde nigga looks like a Wiz khalifa?

9 months ago


first alright song without autotune

9 months ago

Jeremy John

bruh it hate these nautica ads before all ur vids bruh like chill out bruh, what u dont make enough money or something? Went in tho not gonna lie

9 months ago

opticfaze papi

yatchy and denzel only ones that deserved to be on xxl freshmen cypher

9 months ago

Jahtiek Moore

just saw a lil yacht ad before the video. he looked normal for a minute

9 months ago

Dro_the Greatest

white boy parody Shoot up the school

9 months ago


too much talk in the beginning MF sounds like elmo and lyrics are wack asf same as always why can't they rap about different subjects it's always about you wanna be me but you can't I got this and that same shit gets boring

9 months ago

Delawno Hylton

shit on the roof

9 months ago

dustin christopher

my friend bet me $100 that I couldn't get 1000 subscribers in 2 days. please help me prove him wrong

9 months ago

Windex Bottle

Bless a rapper knows how to do math

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