Lil Wayne - Drop The World ft. Eminem video free download

Duration: 04:26
Uploaded: 2010/03/20

Music video by Lil Wayne performing Drop The World. (C) 2010 Cash Money Records Inc.


2 years ago

Ziggy Klein

wayne you can't rap for shit

2 years ago

Serban Boarna

It's cool.I love Lil Wayne melodies.

2 years ago


2010 was the good ole days....

2 years ago

tijhon molinaro

Some parts are about the illuminati 

2 years ago

Alex Morrissey

Eminem - Drop The World ft. Eminem and that other person

2 years ago

Chris B

The only song Lil Wayne is acceptable in.. Slim saved it.

2 years ago


I'm the only one who thing this clean version is better than explicit version ? :o

2 years ago

Sami Williamson

Love this shit love einem to

2 years ago

Tiwane Artis

Pay very close attention to Lil Wayne's WORDS in the 1st verse NA `NA. Visualize Tiwane Artis Looking DIRECTLY in Crypt Keeper like eyes. 

2 years ago


Lil Wayne He is a Horrible Rapper NOE SLIM SHADY HE IS AWESOME sorry Lil

2 years ago


Eminem speaks in codes dude.. I mean, he speaks in fucking, CODES like.. SHEESH "..I stole that fuckin clock, I took the time and I.." He does things like that in almost every damn song. And if you don't get it, he STOLE the clock and TOOK the time.

2 years ago


"I know what they don't wanna tell you, just hope your heaven sent and your hell proof" we dead niggaaaassss illuminati control everything 

2 years ago


Love you 

2 years ago


The Best of Weezy Period!!!!!! <333

2 years ago

Mathilde Petit

vevo version sucks...

2 years ago

Oriana Franco

This Song Motivates Me, But I Dont Know For What Reason lol.

2 years ago

Livia Maria

I love Eminem 3

2 years ago


Sou brasileiro, porra!

2 years ago

Ray draws

This my 3rd favorite song

2 years ago

Bryant Williams

Im going to fucking splat your head Michael

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