Lecrae - Hammer Time (Audio) ft. 1K Phew video free download

Duration: 03:38
Uploaded: 2017/06/23

Get "Hammer Tiime" featuring 1k Phew here:

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9 months ago


subscribe to me guys

9 months ago

Isaac Murphy

what is this with lecrae a christian rapper colabing with all these other rallers this one says n** tryin testing me i put a bullet in his brain

9 months ago

Joel Yajure

lecrea dont turn your self back to god you inspired me to follow him and i belive him CAME BACK PLEASE

9 months ago


This is shit

9 months ago

Syage Ryan

Dang lecrae on the nxt level with metro booming

9 months ago

llxlalaxl l

overwatch referance

9 months ago

t lv


9 months ago

Alice Anne

rap of Jesus Christ

9 months ago

Karl McMichel

I'm sorry but this is trash sounds like wanna be migos

9 months ago

Luke Freeman

Listening to this on repeat.

9 months ago

Hutcheson Thervil

Another big one great job lecrae keep them coming. Show them what the holy spirit could do through Jesus Stay bless.

9 months ago

Modest Waves


9 months ago

Tay Diva

I love you Lecrae

9 months ago

james buckner


9 months ago

james buckner


9 months ago

Secret Name

I'm disappointed in lecrea from being a Christian rapper to this carp music lecrea sold out keep this man I prayer

9 months ago

J Matt 98

9 months ago


This is so

9 months ago


I thought Lecrae was suppose to be in this song.....

9 months ago


hammer time

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