Krypteria - Somebody save me video free download

Duration: 04:10
Uploaded: 2008/07/23

Single de 2007 de esta banda alemana con la cantante coreana Ji-In Cho.


2 years ago

Bob Leduc

Thanks God for Korea!

2 years ago

Moreno Stefanuto

KRYPTERIA - Somebody save me - 2007

3 years ago



3 years ago

Joushin Kuchi

*Somebody save me, I'm close to the edge~*

3 years ago


Wow, just awful. You can hear better singing in a drunken shit hole bar karaoke contest....

3 years ago

Mundo Darkness

Krypteria - Somebody save me

3 years ago

Михаил Шачков

один из тарых и популярных клипов этой группы,он же есть у меня на диди зборнике лучших клипов готик спиритс.

4 years ago


I really love me symphonic metal

4 years ago

blatantly obscure

i agree, who cares if it's metal or not? if you like it - listen to it. bands make the music they enjoy. they don't wake up one morning saying 'guess i'll do a pop song today' or 'this feels like a metal monday'. the artists do the music they enjoy, and then we (public) put them in catagories (genre). i think using the different genres as guides to like music can be beneficial, but don't expect to like all music in any one genre.

4 years ago

Ruslan Ismailov

This is nowhere close to nemo....

4 years ago


my new favorite band!!

4 years ago


Yea people should stop bitching about it and just enjoy good music, and if thay don't like it thay can listen to something else... just like the stupid agument about Dream Teater vs Symphony X two good bands that are completely different kind of metal.

4 years ago


no pude ver casi ningun video de esta estupida lista por sus mamadas google. Este vídeo incluye contenido de EMI, que lo ha bloqueado en tu país por motivos de derechos de copyright. Disculpa las molestias. si como no!

4 years ago

Pablo Aguilar Ortìz

u know, you´re right, but, I still think that this sound so....... nemo, still pretty good, but sooo nemo!!, what do u think?

4 years ago

Cax Gras

please share & showing this video on TV..,,, really good..

4 years ago


Shame that this is only 240p.

4 years ago

A. Dyesis

sound terrible! I don't it's because of the quality or the band XD

4 years ago

shirley l

Magnifique :-)))))))))

4 years ago

Mari Lori

First of all: SHE ROCKED! Second: First time hearing it and now is going to my favorites! :D

5 years ago

can elser

:/ le falta power a la vos! muy linda canta lindo pero no da para ese estilo de música

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