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Uploaded: 2014/07/09

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Music video by Kip Moore performing Dirt Road. (C) 2014 MCA Nashville, a Division of UMG Recordings, Inc.


1 year ago

Robert Lee

You ain't got be a christian or any chruch religion to listen to the song dirt road. 

1 year ago

Samantha Brawner

This is my mother's favorite song

1 year ago

Anthony Pintabona

surprised this wasn't the "hit" Kip hoped it would be. This song is amazing and one of the best in the genre right now. This song deserves more play time on country radio and a ton more views. The depth and complexity in this song are second to none, really underrated.

1 year ago


Love the song, I don't feel this song disrespects god. I am active in my faith and grew up in a Baptist church, I know i'll be with my father in heaven and thats all I care about.

1 year ago

Vicky Bartolomei

Hunk of honey!

1 year ago

Chelsea Hays

Great song its about spending time with a love one and what you need to do to make it all count

1 year ago

Hilary Davis

This song is amazing!

1 year ago

angela garris

I love his voice.

1 year ago


Doesn't get any hotter.

1 year ago

Arin Chapman

I wish "I'm a troll" would shut the fuck up. . This is so not a shitty song so FUCK OFF!!! This is one of the best songs ever keep it up kip moore! ☝

1 year ago

Kristine Olsen

His musik is sooo nice and som of his musik gos right to my heart kip going to play so good musik 

1 year ago

brooke davis

You guys are missing the point of this video... he'd rather live his life than follow a preachers words every Saturday night and Sunday morning. God is great granted but doesn't mean you have to give up what you love for him. And honestly I'd rather be with my fiance Than In a church every weekend, since that's all we got together anymore. It's a good message. Look in between the lines. Great song Kip Moore, Keep it up! 

1 year ago

Curtis Belcher

A very good song

1 year ago

Aileen Radford

Lov it

1 year ago

Lisa Nellie

Maybe Kip had a hard time at church as a kid and has gone on to accept religion/heaven as something he's found for himself than perhaps what was preached to him. Everyone lives their good, honest lives differently so we can all see our beliefs of the afterlife differently too, surely?Mostly it's a love song, let's not forget.

1 year ago


this comment section proves that religion fucks everything up. 

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