King Diamond - From the Other Side video free download

Duration: 03:52
Uploaded: 2013/02/08

from "The Spider's Lullabye" album 1995


2 years ago

Vainglory Ixoye

I Don't Know if I'm Dead or Alive All I Know is I am running out of Time. This is one of his Best song Ever. Long Live the King.

3 years ago

gabriel delgado

This is one cut which I find and have always found intensely eerie. Its about someone who encounters a most grim and protagonists struggle in an out of body experience trying to force himself to come back to life and awake in time before its too late.

3 years ago

Fabio Martinez

Used to listen this song at school.....good times...

3 years ago

raul ungur

King is alweys great \m/

3 years ago

Volk Zivkovic

Great song, and in generally songs on this album were okay but, by far, my least favorite King's album, no story, no atmosphere as usual

3 years ago

Sudsy Sutherland

one of my favourite King Diamond songs.

3 years ago


I love this song, too!

3 years ago

House Alone Only Alone

the best of king diamond *

3 years ago

magnus jensen

dansker kan det 

3 years ago

Steven Schulden

Love this song!!!!!

3 years ago

Martin M

*MR KING*From the Other Side

3 years ago

Krasy Stanimirov


3 years ago

Josey Mayne

I love this album! \m/

3 years ago

Supersandro Genovesi


3 years ago

Mike Liveira

From the other side, looking down I know that it's meFrom the other side, looking down it's the devil I see

3 years ago


i had a very strange mushroom trip to this album. makes the back of my brain tingle just thinking about it

4 years ago

Francis marK


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