Justin Timberlake - What Goes Around...Comes Around (Short Version) video free download

Duration: 05:41
Uploaded: 2011/02/25

Music video by Justin Timberlake performing What Goes Around...Comes Around. (C) 2007 Zomba Recording, LLC


2 years ago

parkour fan101

That's scarlet johanson:0

2 years ago

Nessa Gorneth

I so remember when this kept showing in the music channel when I was doing my homework ages ago back at school. Good I'm old, yet I'm not :D

2 years ago

atlus wow

blond girl is Scarlett Johansson

2 years ago

Gabbi Radziak

i love this song <3

2 years ago

Marisol Pacheco

I love this song

2 years ago


Rooney stealing his girl. Not nice

2 years ago

Blue Ribbon Manor

song of the day: 08/07/2015: time doesn't go around.

2 years ago


My favourite song of all times!!!!!

2 years ago

Joao Lima

Bomba patch heuheeuheue BR porra

2 years ago

Mega Gobi

so im nt the only one watching this in 2015

2 years ago

Bacon Lover

Please sub to me

2 years ago


Plot twist: She's still alive because of the blue drugs.

2 years ago

Oxy Pox

This is quality music,people can get tired of heard about buts and breasts and "anacondas" because we don't care if look sexy,well at least I don't.Even though I like those songs,,something meaningful should come around because what comes around goes around-yeah no.Anyways this is feel good music.Y U DO DIS JUSTIN.

2 years ago

Chrystopher Xablau

Eu to de Mal, To de Mal, Tode Mal, mataram o Batman! kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

2 years ago

Carole Wooley

Ouch! Too hot!

2 years ago


Part that starts at 4:15 will give me goosebumps for the rest of my life

2 years ago


Such a classic song

2 years ago

valuCKas RaiMondAs

BObyjLUUU... nu y... NXXX wnBAAAA.... :p

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