Justin Timberlake - Tunnel Vision (Explicit) video free download

Duration: 06:59
Uploaded: 2013/07/04

Executive Producer: Jeff Nicholas

Produced by Jonathan Craven and Nathan Scherrer

Directed by Jonathan Craven, Simon McLoughlin and Jeff Nicholas for The Uprising Creative (http://theuprisingcreative.com)

Director Of Photography: Sing Howe Yam

Editor: Jacqueline London

Official music video by Justin Timberlake performing Tunnel Vision. (C) 2013 RCA Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment


2 years ago

Anielka Cubillo

AMAZING ▼☺☺☺☺♣♣♠☻☻☻

2 years ago

Sierwaa Askia

love this. the concept was very tasteful and aesthetic. The nudity wasn't pornographic at all. There was a severe lack of diversity from his past videos, yes, but I saw this as visual art AND I LOVED IT!!! Feminist here (some of you all have no clue what it really means...), supporting this video. =)

2 years ago


Don't like sexist video, have my dislike.

2 years ago

Anais Guzman

I'm not a feminist so I can enjoy the music and the visual art of this video without throwing any fucking drama on it. ;)

2 years ago


"I got a Television... oh yeah! "

2 years ago

Ashley Wilson

Just when I thought I was a FAN!!!! YOU COMPLETE UTTER B******* F YOU F YOU 

2 years ago

Eric A

I go that tunnel vision for you....and you.and you.

2 years ago

Press Hoffy

Of course they broke the nudity rule for JT, who could deny him?

2 years ago

Stoyan Vatsev


2 years ago

B Zuniga

JT use these naked women to show ppl what he sees all the time 24/7 and saying that they can be 1000 women naked nd they can never catch his attention like his girlfriend or wife can... so he will be focus on that one girl that he has by his side than the other girls cuz they can never teach him something that he already knows.. To him it's nothing new.. to some ppl it is. JT never eye on a girl in this video like Robin Thicke did in his blurred lines video. Jus making it clear.

2 years ago

Laura Moreira

If a woman resolves to use short clothes in public, she will be judged. Can you imagine what could happens to her if she resolves to come out half-naked? its better do not imagine... But if there's a woman half-naked in a man's music video, its art #society (yes, i know, my english sucks) 

2 years ago

Luke Herbschleb

love the clip its art

2 years ago

night stalker

The song is great but I didn't like the video as much as I liked the one for 'mirrors'. It's still good though.

2 years ago

Giga Gogishvili

клип хороший

2 years ago

Ristyan yesf

I quit the weird part of youtube to join his heavy part

2 years ago

Jerz Chula

I didn't know he did a video to this.. this is my fav song off the album.

2 years ago

drake man

The brunette with the short hair is fucking sexy.

2 years ago

Rebecca Johnson

I'm a feminist & I have no complaints with the naked women in this video. Sometimes nudity is seen as an art and that's what it's used here. Not as sexual exploitation. It'd be better if we see naked men as well moving around like they are but other than that it's fine.

2 years ago

Takeshi Iida

the words wanna come out, but I forget言葉は出てくるけど、それがいつも出て来ないんだIt's so strong, it's so strong, it's so strongあまりに思いが強すぎてジャスティンはモテすぎて、フラれたことなんてないんだろうなぁ~(´・ω・`)ただいま~ヽ(´ー`)ノ

2 years ago

mahdi gharbi ktm

a good Justin Timberlake :*

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