Justin Timberlake - Suit & Tie (Live on SNL) ft. JAY Z video free download

Duration: 05:28
Uploaded: 2013/03/11

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2 years ago

Nancy Cunningham

Vocals are great, cause let's face it this 'kid' as mad skills, but I truly love the old school aspect of a 'big band'. The Tennessee Kids bring it for me. The brass and strings hit these songs out of the park. I would love to hear this live in a small setting, it would be awesome! Best of all, every person on that stage looks like they are having the time of their lives, playing some great music.

2 years ago

Kimberly Smith

The bass at 3:24 omg!!! ❤️❤️❤️

2 years ago

Halida Damayanti

Never been bored since the first time I heard this ❤️

2 years ago

kris moonpie

Too bad jay-z had to ruin that song...

2 years ago

Topanga Olsson

I love u justin

2 years ago

Shawna C

Suit & Tie (Live on SNL)Justin Timberlake - ft. JAY Z

2 years ago

Blaze of Glory Gaming

Can we just talk about that female dancer with black hair for a second? Her energy is palpable!

2 years ago

StitchALogo E

love those dancers!...suuuaave!!!!

2 years ago


From a black man, he did the damn thang here! Cant front! Go head pimpin!

2 years ago



2 years ago

Damien Staab

Bass Player OMG

2 years ago

Ciana Lyus

Mega Master Fodaaa

2 years ago


Justin, You're not wearing a tie... Suit and bow tie

2 years ago

Isaiah Brown

A live band, choreography, props, and solid vocals! Smooth Mr. Timberlake, Jazz never dies. Jay-Z takes rap to another plateau, fantastic.

2 years ago

Kullachat Krajangkul

Look at the reactions of the chorus man in the line "hits so sick I got rappers actin' dramatic" haha

2 years ago

Ayham Jaouny

#1 SNL music performance for sure.

3 years ago

Natália Dos Anjos

legaal Justiin

3 years ago

Galuh Kh

justin is clearly the best. his live performance always amazing.

3 years ago

Rebecca Holmes

Love this performance, J T & J Z, perfect combination! Enjoy

3 years ago

Fahrettin Memişoğlu

Yaw ben bi tane şarkı arıyodum ne ara buraya geldim ya

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