Justin Timberlake - Sexy Back (Drastik REMIX) video free download

Duration: 03:49
Uploaded: 2006/10/31

****** UPDATE AS OF FEB 2012 ******

Thank you to everyone that enjoys this video. I plan to re-release under another artist name and hope to make the download available soon. To be the first to know about this (and future music releases) please go to this link...



3 years ago



3 years ago

My Wow Now

This song ALWAYS does it for me. Love it #sexyback #jt Live.Laugh.Love.Dream~Dance!

3 years ago


that hurt my ears

3 years ago


Don't watch the vid

3 years ago

Brendolyn Shaw

That just ruined that song forever !!!!!!!!

3 years ago

DANIEL Dodgeon

Ncie. Mucis. By contrast 

3 years ago

Katy Stratton

I love that song when I was just a kid :)

3 years ago

Jose Garcia

Kook remix

3 years ago

graciela camba

hello is there any way you can make an Instrumental version of this song?? or where i can go to get it???? thanks !

3 years ago

Maclean Rouble

Wow this is a really awesome remix! Is there anywhere I can get this? Love it! Great job :)

3 years ago

Seih Tsukai

Magnific video, good times were those. 

3 years ago


Go head be gone with it !

3 years ago

Carrie Ann

You stek

3 years ago

Xylophone Vulture

Problem - Ariana Grande

4 years ago



4 years ago

habil alaca

30 Oct 2006 ? o.O whhooww.. time going fast.

4 years ago

General Crievous

I was looking this exact remix and it was easy! I love this version. Remix's always try some cool new stuff!

4 years ago


Name: that's MAMA LUIGI to you MARIO!!Age: 61Gender: SPAGHETTISpecies: SPAGHETTIBio: SPAGHETTI! 

4 years ago

Sayomi the Page of Slothe

I'll let you whip me OwO

4 years ago


I realy like this video !!!!

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