Justin Timberlake - Mirrors (Live on SNL) video free download

Duration: 05:23
Uploaded: 2013/03/11

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2 years ago

joel tolentino arteaga

that`s a really good entertainer

2 years ago


The band is on point

2 years ago

Nelson Ramirez

Hermosa canción acompañada de una precaria voz... 

2 years ago

Andressa Estrela

A vida é para ser vivida e ser feliz!!!Aren't you somethin' to admire? Yes!! Really i am!!!

2 years ago


Justin YUNO do interludes live!!

2 years ago

Temi Oloyede

I can't get over how amazing the band is

3 years ago


This video has just about ALL of the reasons that Justin Timberlake is a huge star. Unending charisma, obvious chops and credibility within R&B circles. Then again, this band here....with Adam Blackstone and Brian Frasier Moore could make just about anyone great....

3 years ago

Samuel Ong

Nice performance by JT ~

3 years ago

Rubi Lugo

Such a good song. Amo esta canción en todos los sentidos

3 years ago

Sesha Mosley

Lovely too

3 years ago

umme arfa haveri

No one else could do it much better than JT!! The lyrics, the feel, the music.. Just awesome!! The song is pure! And has do much of feelings in it! The essence of his voice n his feel into the song makes it the best one!! Never heard any better song than this!! Love this song! 

3 years ago


So awesome when such musical talent like this comes together. Just a joy to watch. I can't even imagine what its like for the musicians to create such art!

3 years ago

Gerardo Montalvo

2015, still pocket full of soap

3 years ago


His video is much better.. His voice is way too low. Without his backup singers, you wouldn't be able to hear him.

3 years ago


Justin is very good artist but that band... They are Masterpiece.

3 years ago


that middle trumpet player is so super cute

3 years ago

Ben Bresloff

Please check out my Mirrors/Drunk In Love cover on my channel, thanks!

3 years ago

Brandi Green

yesssssssssssssssss justin

3 years ago

omar zaid frutos


3 years ago


LOVE this guy!!!

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