Justin Timberlake Ft. Jay-Z - Murder video free download

Duration: 05:08
Uploaded: 2013/09/24

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2 years ago

Luigi Sellitto

Can't stop listenin' to this <3

3 years ago

Jasmine Nanase

Got the second part of the JT 20/20 EXPERIENCE today!! Finally~! My mom bought it as part of my b day presents, and honestly, I remember when he sang this track at the concert, because I imagine myself jumping from the balcony that I was on to get on the stage and glomp the shit out of him. Too much info? Too freaking bad.

3 years ago


Is it just me or does this sound a bit like 'Dancing Machine' by the Jackson 5?

3 years ago

Furthest One

What is Timberlake without Timbaland

3 years ago


Nothing against Jay-Z, but why does he have to fuck up every JT song!?

3 years ago

Madhav Nair

justin timberlake and timbaland are awesome together in general, and jz just makes this song weird. Timbaland should get credit, not jz

3 years ago

Dj 2 Dollar TV

i like

3 years ago

Shalyn Gebo

I love JT, he is my crush

3 years ago

Chibi Misaki

Justin is so smooth. He has so much soul and rhythm. I don't really like JayZ but they both killed the song completely. 

3 years ago

Corey Chaires

She got that p that made jhon Lenin go solo must have been a dime lol this song is dope

3 years ago

Flawless Fade

God damn. H.O.V. murdered his verse. 

3 years ago


I dont pop Molly I rock Tom Ford

3 years ago

Herman Thorbjornsen

Who's best JT or JB! my answer is JT!!!!!!!

3 years ago

jenny panezo

MUSIC number one........:-)

3 years ago

Ashley B.

JT and Jay-Z murdered this song lol. Love it. <3

3 years ago

alexia nelson

I love the beat it makes me move 

3 years ago

Luca S

love this song!!! x

3 years ago

Nicholas Wehbe

*Ooooooohhhhhhh, that girl is murder. MURDER. Ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh, that girl is murder* Best. Song. EVAH! 

4 years ago

oreo shake

I love this song!!!

4 years ago



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