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Uploaded: 2011/01/30

She Said No by John Wesley, from the album, Under the Red and White Sky

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It's been long since we've spoken

thought that I might give a call

did you like the flowers, a small token

a gift for you is no trouble at all

It isn't easy here without you

the days are long, nights way too hard

I was hoping I could see you

I miss your eyes, they touch my heart

she said no

Our little lady is asking for you

don't understand where you have gone

all she knows is she can't hold you

thinks that she's done something wrong

Life isn't easy here without you

she wakes at night to call your name

I tell her you love her and you miss her

but words from me just aren't the same

oh baby come home please

she said no

You never face the consequences

you'll always find some alibi

you leave us behind all cut and bleeding

you turn your back and you don't know why

no you don't know why

She said no

It's been a long time since I've held you

no other woman fills my arms

I want to believe that you still love me

somehow I know you're still there

I'm falling apart and I need your answer

just see my eyes and you'll find it there

find it there

She said no


4 years ago

Didier Pegues

One of your Best Songs, John !Many Thanks for your talent´╗┐

5 years ago

Kurt Harris


5 years ago


Quite possibly the "best" divorce song ever.

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