John Wesley - Pretty Lives video free download

Duration: 04:15
Uploaded: 2010/02/08

John Wesley is the touring guitarist and background vocalist for Porcupine Tree. As a solo artist, he has written and recorded five studio albums and performed live all over the world.

This is the song Pretty Lives, from the 2005 Shiver album.

Most of his music is available for download, 100% free of charge, on his website:


3 years ago

Rick Kent


4 years ago

Clockwork Commando

Why compare Wilson and Wesley?They are both the same squad you mongs...

4 years ago

Rupti Doolooroodoo

Lets face it, Steven Wilson is not coming back to Porcupine Tree any time soon. Maybe even never.Why don't they just continue making music with Wesley as the frontman? 

4 years ago

Memi G

aveces me recuerda a pearl jam..

4 years ago

Jeet Trivedi

Why is his music available for free? Is he a good guy or no one actually buys them :|

4 years ago

donald blakely

Ask John if he remembers "Blake" from Gornto lake road! I gave him a6 foot plus rattlesnake skin. It's on an old photo! HA!

4 years ago


how about just respecting his opinion, instead of saying "no, you just haven't heard enough of steven"? i absolutely love everything SW does musically, but technically he isn't an amazing vocalist or guitarist. that does not matter since the music he creates is perfect and i wouldn't have it any other way, but john wesley is a fucking vocal BEAST. i mean come on, he makes "my ashes" SO much better than the studio version by singing the chorus live, among other things.

5 years ago

John Sambyal

his voice is amazing, just amazing. :)

5 years ago

Eddie Raissi

Honestly I think that he is a better vocalist than Steven Wilson..if u listen to songs like "way out of here" u ll see that...but Wilson is uncomparable in songs like " lazarus" and "trains".

6 years ago

Vivek Tp

I don't think there is anything like 'wilson is the boss'. I absolutely love wilson but comparing wesley and him is unfair in my opinion. And also some of Wesley vocals are just too sweet and amazing. If you haven't heard this one, check out his song "Right here beside me" cheers :)

6 years ago

Numberphile K

who's John Wesley ?

6 years ago


He should be invited to join Porcupine Tree, he makes a great asset, I do think.

6 years ago

Roberto Palmieri

@91804893 I think that his voice and Steven's voice complete each other... his very high vocals are the best thing possible to back Steven's lead vocals, with his soft, smooth voice... And about guitar playing, I agree (check out Buying New Soul live in Chicago, he plays a great solo), but Wilson is the boss!

6 years ago


I don't get the comparaisons with Steven Wilson. They are totally irrelevant.

6 years ago


this i like when ONLY the people who like the music click on the video and there are only likes on good music!!!!!! actually never herd stevens music before, but it is fantastic, very mixed influences i think..:)

6 years ago


@91804893 He's f***ing amazing but i think Steven Wilson just has that extra touch more when it comes to composing and singing. Also Steven Wilson is a self taught audio engineer so you gotta give him a bit more credit there. John Wesley is definitely one of the greatest musicians out there though

7 years ago


He really deserves more attention, but a limited amount so his music doesn't get ruined.

7 years ago


i think very few people would share your opinion ... that being said john wesley rules !

7 years ago


@91804893 he probably is better... but that's just guitar and vocals, he's not even a half the level steven is at songwriting

7 years ago

Joe Yannetta

John is one of the Branches on the Porcupine Tree whom reflects melodic, somewhat, ambient, progressive compositions. This one seem inspired by Clapton, as in meditative real life orientation. True Art/prog.

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